Saturday, December 5, 2015

Sky Captain Hat

Welcome back to GeekGetup! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We are back to another cosplay project this week: putting gears on Kiersty's sky captain hat.

Kiersty ordered both the hat and the gears on Amazon. We decided to try putting the gears on with gorilla glue but they wouldn't stick. They also wouldn't stay on the button snaps.

We ended up using a hot glue gun. It worked much better. Just be sure to let the glue get really hot before you use it or it will dry before you stick the gears on. We have a cat and a dog who just loved getting in the way. Be sure to keep everything out of reach of children and any curious pets.

The hat looks great and Kiersty can now move on to her next project. This week we got an early Christmas present. A brand new Singer Sewing machine. That means I can embarrass myself as I post on how to sew. Or how not to sew, since I don't know how. Keep your eyes open for next week's post, and have a great week.