Saturday, October 31, 2015


Welcome to GeekGetup's Halloween Special. I hope everyone enjoys all the Trick-or-Treating, candy, parties and costumes tonight. This week I have invited my wife to join me here on GeekGetup. Today we want to talk a bit about our Halloween experiences from this year and last.

Hi! I’m Kiersty. Like Jacob, I love costumes. So, where do we want to start?

How about we start with last year’s costumes.

Sounds good! Last year we went as Mara Jade and Luke Skywalker, from the Star Wars Expanded Universe, specifically from Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn Trilogy. I’d cosplayed Mara Jade for WorldCon last year, but I did a different outfit this time.

10402894_10152514835997709_4193883193281187864_n copy.jpg

It’s a shame that Disney threw out all of the expanded universe. I’m still excited for the movie though! They were both quick and easy costume sets. All I needed was a gloved right hand and a lightsaber. Put on the black clothes and voila, I’m Luke Skywalker.

Then my friend photoshopped the picture to make the lightsabers look awesome. Thanks, Marietta!


They look pretty real to me! Yay for Photoshop. That was last years costume.

This year, I went as a mad scientist.  Here’s the before and after pictures from the makeup test:


And here’s the picture with the whole costume. I named her Dr. Helena Graham, MaD.


I decided to stick to something that was familiar. A vampire. When I was in Highschool I bought the cape and almost every year since, I’ve been slowly adding and changing up the costume. Sometimes I would use teeth and sometimes I wouldn’t. I got the black hat a couple years back along with the necklace and gloves.


This year I gave it a bit of a steampunk twist. The vest has gears for buttons, and the hat has gears and a chain on it. Fancy Vampire.

Since we both needed pale faces, we used cream makeup in black and white, along with dark gray eyeliner for my stitches and for Jacob’s eyes.

Kiersty’s costume idea was made on a whim. The lab goggles added effect. I had them saved from a chemistry class. After applying the makeup the way she wanted, she added a white shirt and the costume was complete. There wasn’t too much work involved with either one of our costumes and I think we looked great.

Yes, they turned out quite well!

Well that’s it for this week. Happy Trick-or-Treating tonight. Until next week. Enjoy.

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